“Wing999” offers two types of goods for its customers – wholesalers: “Stock” (new) and “Second-hand” (used clothes) in Thailand.

Wholesale Clothing products are still fashionable new clothing for men, women, youth and children last season at a fairly low price, sorted by season, category, and assortment for men or women. The Stock product category includes the top and underwear, hats, gloves, accessories and footwear.

Wholesale Clothing

Sorting and selection of the assortment is carried out in such a way that the client is sure of what product of Wholesale Clothing he has purchased in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. The brands of the goods are permanent, so the client is always guaranteed that he will find the goods of exactly those companies that he needs. The goods can be ordered in any quantity, we also deliver to the customer’s country.

Second-hand (second-hand) product category – other than Stock – is not sorted and packaged by mixing different product categories, but seasonality is maintained according to customer needs. All this is done so that the client could easily sell the product in accordance with the needs of his clients.

Also, any client can choose a product from the following Wholesale Clothing categories:


  • Women’s clothing;
  • Men’s clothing;
  • Youth clothes;
  • Baby clothes;
  • Women’s shoes;
  • Men’s shoes;
  • Shoes for youth;
  • Children’s shoes;
  • Accessories;
  • Hats;
  • Gloves;
  • Winter assortment;
  • Summer assortment;

By coercing, these categories can be defined as divided into: gender, season, quality, and brand.

Contact the staff of “Wing999” and learn more about the range of products.